Example to Configure Displaying Message Dates on Index Pages

2003-01-31 17:22:40

I'm new to MHonArc.  I installed ver 2.5.14, and the generated HTMLs
look fine.

However, I would like to have message dates displayed next to the
senders on both Date Index & Thread Index pages.

I looked thru the options shown on "mhonarc -help", but none of them
seem to enable MHonArc to do so.

I also read the documentation at , but the descriptions
are too advanced for me to comprehend as beginner.

I also read the FAQ at , but there is no
question asked for the answer I need.

Finally, I searched the mhonarc-users archive and found
, which answered the similar question.  However, the reply again
pointed to , which is
beyond my comprehension as beginner.

If anyone has an example of how to configure/customize to display
message dates on the index pages, I appreciate if you can kindly share
with me, e.g. which files I need to change, and how I should change

Just a thought.  Maybe, this is another good question to add to the
FAQ, of course, with answer.  Or perhaps, add an option to mhonarc
command-line to support displaying message dates on the index pages.



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