Re: Japanese characters in attachments?

2003-02-02 22:23:42
On February 3, 2003 at 10:25, Javi Lavandeira wrote:

I did, but it didn't work. I had to use Shift_JIS for everything. I
mean, the body of the messages is converted to Unicode correctly, but
not the attachments. The problem here is that the message bodies are
encoded using ISO-2022-JP, while filenames are encoded in Shift_JIS.
MHonArc converted the ISO-2022-JP body to Unicode, and the Shift_JIS
filenames to HTML entities, so if I chose to use Unicode in my browser I
could read the message, but not the filename, and if I chose Shift_JIS I
could read the file names, but not the messages.

Please provide me with an example message that illustrates this
case.  Note: if the filename is in Shift_JIS, but not properly
encoded according to RFC 2047 (e.g. =?Shift_JIS?B?...?=) then
there is probably little that MHonArc can do since the message
is MIME non-compliant.

There are some new features coming in v2.6.0 to help address
this problem, but it does depending on how non-conformant the
message is.

If not, could you provide me (via private mail) an example
message that illustrates the problem.  Hmmm, thinking about, could
you provide me an example message even if utf-8-encode works for
you.  It may help me determine if I have to make any changes in
how extracted header information is handled.

Hmmm, we have the archive running already and I prefer not to touch it.
I'll install MHonArc later in my own server at home
( and I'll do some testing with my mailinglist

The snapshot versions should be quite stable since I've been running
them for awhile, but it is wise to test things out before using
in production.

If you have questions or feedback, you may want to subscribe to
the mhonarc-dev(_at_)mhonarc(_dot_)org list since it is the forum for discussing
technical, developement related topics and providing feedback on
snapshot versions.


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