Re: Example to Configure Displaying Message Dates on Index Pages

2003-02-03 09:25:44
On 01/31/2003 6:22 PM, "Hon-Chi Ng" <honchi_ng(_at_)yahoo(_dot_)com> wrote:


I'm new to MHonArc.  I installed ver 2.5.14, and the generated HTMLs
look fine.

However, I would like to have message dates displayed next to the
senders on both Date Index & Thread Index pages.
If anyone has an example of how to configure/customize to display
message dates on the index pages, I appreciate if you can kindly share
with me, e.g. which files I need to change, and how I should change

I can send you the .mrc files that I'm working with right now.  They are
_very_ barebones, but that is actually a boon to you -- the layout stuff is
just the basics needed.  I would send you a link so you could see what they
look like, but all of our lists are behind passwords.  However, in order to
make sense of this, you will need to understand HTML.  Let me know if you're
interested, and I'll send you off-list (so's I don't spam all those who
don't want such files...)

Ricky Morse

Richard Morse                                   System Administrator
MGH Biostatistics Center                     50 Staniford St. Rm 560
remorse(_at_)partners(_dot_)org                                    617/724-9830

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