Re: Example to Configure Displaying Message Dates on Index Pages

2003-02-03 13:09:09
On 02/03/2003 1:22 PM, "Hon-Chi Ng" <honchi_ng(_at_)yahoo(_dot_)com> wrote:

Hi Ricky

Any example is certainly a great jump-start for me, the beginner.

Yes, I'm familiar with HTML.  I spent the weekend read thru the MHonArc
documentation on Resources, and I think I start to undertand it better.
But, I'm still not sure how to do so exactly.

As always, any help/example is always appreciated.

It's just a suggest.  If you could reply with your example to the users
mailing list instead of just me, it would be helpful to future new
users.  IMHO, it's helpful information, it's NOT a spam.  I searched
the users mailing list archive before I posted my question.  Maybe, I
didn't use the right search pattern, but the only answer I found was
"read the MHonArc documentation" posted about 2 years.  :(

Hmmm... Well, in that case, I'll post it here.  This is a .mrc file I
developed to provide a simple index sorted by date, displaying the date with
each entry.  It also provides a (fairly) clean look for the messages
themselves.  It does not generate a thread index, as this wasn't something
that I was interested in for this application.

I should note that this is an older version.  I am working on something
better, but it's nowhere near finished, so I can't really send it...

If you have any questions, please let me know...


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