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2003-03-02 15:04:53
On February 26, 2003 at 10:29, =?iso-8859-1?q?Neil=20Ransom?= wrote:

1. Within a folder view, most e-mail clients visually identify e-mails 
with attachments, e.g. with paper clip.  Is it possible to achieve this 
on Mhonarc index pages?

You could do something like what is mentioned at

Note, MHonArc provides no clear indication of attachments.  Each
archived message does have a "derived file" list that represents
all additional files associated with a message.  However, this
includes files defined via the DEFINEDERVIED resource along with
any files created by filters that may not truely be attachments.
For example, the file for an inline image will be in the list.

You could try the ICONS resource and the associated $ICON*$ resource
variables as partial solution.

2. On message pages, how can display the file size of an attachment?  My 
rc file includes the following.

This is not supported.


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