Re: Correction for wrong lines of Posts not purged yet - dates still not changed: Re <KEEPONRMM> dates changes

2003-03-02 15:37:44
On March 2, 2003 at 14:32, Ilan Shalif wrote:

I entered the <KEEPONRMM> in the .rc files of
few lists.

I was surprised to find that the date of the posts
which were excluded from the new index.html and kept on the 
directory, changed their date to the date when excluded from
the index.html
<!-- MHonArc resource file for
A-Infos English

Um, it looks like your resource file has been clipped.  The IDXPGBEGIN
resource is not terminated by a </IdxPgBegin> tag, and there is no
<MODTIME> tag to enable the MODTIME resource.

With MODTIME added, I cannot reproduce on my system using the resource
file you provided with the latest version of MHonArc.  I do not
recall any changes done between v2.5.13 and v2.6.1 related this,
so I doubt anything has been "secretly" fixed, assuming there is a bug.

You did not provide specifics about your system, so it is hard
to tell if that could be a factor.

One possibility is that Perl's utime() operator is failing.

Do you have any other processes that could potentially change
the modification times of archive files?

Does mhonarc generate any warning messages?


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