Re: Correction for wrong lines of Posts not purged yet - datesstillnot changed: Re <KEEPONRMM> dates changes

2003-03-03 18:23:00
On March 3, 2003 at 20:58, Ilan Shalif wrote:

As you did not mentione where to put the  <MODTIME> Tag
I will put it just before the <MAXSIZE> Tag 

It does not matter where you put it.

BTW, I check your .mhonarc.db file for your archive, and the
MODTIME resource is set to 0.  That is, it is disabled.

I wonder if entering the <MODTIME> to the .rc file will change
the .mhonarc.db file automaticly or I will have to do the 
archive from the beginning.

The next time you pass the resource file to mhonarc to update
your archive, the MODTIME resource will be enabled.  Note, some
files may still have the wrong date until they are "touched" by
MHonArc.  To force all files to be touched, you can run mhonarc
once with the -editidx option like the following:

  mhonarc -editidx -rcfile myresource.mrc ...


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