Re: Correction for wrong lines of Posts not purged yet - dates stillnot changed: Re <KEEPONRMM> dates changes

2003-03-03 11:34:13
On March 3, 2003 at 10:08, Ilan Shalif wrote:

The <MODTIME> tag is missing at least in this rc file.
I wonder where to put it and if there is no </MODTIME>
tag that needs to be put later.

The end tag is not required since <MODTIME> is an empty tag.  However,
the existence of </MODTIME> does not hurt anything.

  MHonArc v2.5.2 (Perl 5.006001 linux)
Uh oh!  You stated that you were using v2.5.13 of MHonArc.  If you
are using a older version of MHonArc now, that could cause problems.
Since it is still a v2.5.x version, you may be okay.  See
<> for isssue
related to downgrading.

Debian has later packages of MHonArc you can install.  Or, just
install from the tar.gz bundle directly.

May be the new version of Perl is not backward compatible.

One possibility is that Perl's utime() operator is failing.

How can I test it?

Writing your own script :-)  From your system type, it should
not be failing.

MHonArc currently does not check the return status of utime()
since it passes arguments that are likely to fail.  The only thing
it checks for is if utime() is supported.  The code calling utime()
could be modified to provide some reasonable error checking at the
cost of code simplicitly.

BTW, I check your .mhonarc.db file for your archive, and the
MODTIME resource is set to 0.  That is, it is disabled.

You may want to check out
<> if
you do not want others to do what I just did (but with your archives,
it appears to not matter).


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