Re: Correction for wrong lines of Posts not purged yet - datesstillnot changed: Re <KEEPONRMM> dates changes

2003-03-03 12:56:45
Thanks Earl Hood 
As you did not mentione where to put the  <MODTIME> Tag
I will put it just before the <MAXSIZE> Tag 

On March 3, 2003 at 10:08, Ilan Shalif wrote:

The <MODTIME> tag is missing at least in this rc file.
I wonder where to put it and if there is no </MODTIME>
tag that needs to be put later.

The end tag is not required since <MODTIME> is an empty tag.  However,
the existence of </MODTIME> does not hurt anything.

  MHonArc v2.5.2 (Perl 5.006001 linux)
Uh oh!  You stated that you were using v2.5.13 of MHonArc.  If you
are using a older version of MHonArc now, that could cause problems.
Since it is still a v2.5.x version, you may be okay.  See
<> for isssue
related to downgrading.

Debian has later packages of MHonArc you can install.  Or, just
install from the tar.gz bundle directly.

I am not yet a Linux pro - just forced to learn on the run.
This why I failed in the past with older version of linux
to convert the text of posts in the archive from fixed (<pre>)
to proportional.

BTW, I check your .mhonarc.db file for your archive, and the
MODTIME resource is set to 0.  That is, it is disabled.

I wonder if entering the <MODTIME> to the .rc file will change
the .mhonarc.db file automaticly or I will have to do the 
archive from the beginning.

You may want to check out
<> if
you do not want others to do what I just did (but with your archives,
it appears to not matter).

We were not subject to hacking yet and prefer not to chalenge
hackers with security.

If forced to - I will learn security too.

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