Re: Encode off ISO-8859-1 ( chars like "vi" SF's ­- l - k 'E' )

2003-03-28 15:47:03
On March 28, 2003 at 15:03, "Birger Mortensen" wrote:

It looks like there are some chars that don't survive the trip to web.
But the same char's survice if thy are in the header. (  but then Outlook 
don't encode the samme way in header and body ).
I'am using MhonArc 2.6.2, Perl 6.8 and have tried with no resurce file, 
the UTF-8 and the UTF-8.encode recorce.
UTF-8 just replaces the ? char with and other - upgarde from Perl 5.6 to 
5.8 just gave me yet an other char for unkown chars - Don't work in my 
browser = not the solution for me..
Mhonarc replaces all unkown char's are replaced with ? 
The REALY bad thing about this is that the message is in ISO-8859-1  and 
my charset for the web is ISO-8859-1 ..

I need to see a real example message that illustrates this problem.
Your archived post at
appears to have converted properly.


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