Re: [approved] $OUTDIR$

2003-03-28 16:26:07
On March 28, 2003 at 15:46, "Luis Mandel" wrote:

Using the variable $OUTDIR$ one can know in which direcfory are saved the htm
l pages. In my case $OUTDIR$ will generate something like /nfs/www/
My point is that I would like to get *only* the last part (the directory, in 
this case aisha). Using the modifier :N oen can get first N chars, but how ca
n I get the last N chars. Should I use TEXTCLIPFUNC ? 

No.  TEXTCLIPFUNC serves a different purpose.

The quickest solution is to define the value when invoke mhonarc
on the command-line.  For example:

  mhonarc -definevar DIR-BASENAME=aisha ...

And then use $DIR-BASENAME$ in your resource file.


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