Re: Alternate look of email listing in Mhonarc

2003-03-28 16:31:57
On March 28, 2003 at 09:17, mark david mcCreary wrote:

When a Mhonarc pages displays a long list of email dates and subject lines,
it might be useful to provide alternate color background shadings to help
easily distinguish the different lines.

There is no built-in way to get what you want.

Using CSS stylesheets, it might be possible to assign CLASS to the line
item elements.  However you would need at least two different CLASS values.
One for a light shading, one for a darker shading for instance.

Are there any variables that can be used to at this point that would have
the value of the row number.  That is, if you could take the line item row
number, and divide by two, to get even or odd, it might be possible.

There is the $ORDNUM$ resource variable, but no mathematical based
operations are supported to get something like an even/odd output.


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