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2003-04-06 13:11:22
On April 4, 2003 at 15:53, "PINNI, BALANAND (SBCSI)" wrote:

Now I  installed all the stuff that I needed .Now how to link mharc with
That is how mharc will know that mail archives are to be picked up from so
and so directory?
Just by editing lists.def and executing perl how it will know the
lists are under the specifc directory?

(Note: Since this is a mharc question, the mharc-users list,
 <>, is the more
 appropriate forum.)

The installation document for mharc,
<>, describes the
basic usage model of mharc in the Introduction.

The ORGMAIL variable in is the key variable on telling
mharc where the mail spool is for it to process.

The section "Defining your crontab" covers how to get the archive
process automated.


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