Moving Yahoo Groups archives to your own archives

2003-04-27 11:12:51
MHonArc Users,

I came across the following script that may be use to some: yahoo2mbox
<>.  It is a Perl
script that automates the retrieval of messages from a Yahoo Groups
archive into mailbox format.

I personally have not used it, but I have gotten a couple of queries
in the past from people that had a desire to run their own archives of
a Yahoo Groups lists along with importing existing archived messages
on Yahoo.

For those that are not familiar with Yahoo Groups archives, they suck,
IMO.  The navigation is awkward and you are required to frequently
click through ad pages before reading messages.  Yahoo Groups was
formally eGroups (which Yahoo bought).  It appears Yahoo has not
gotten its money worth with the acquisition, so they have increasingly
pushed ad views for the service, making it very unfriendly from a
usability perspective.


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