MsgPgBegin/$FROM$/spammode bug?

2003-04-22 17:03:54

Hey folks.

I've updated a few of my sites to 2.6.3 and am making a few tweaks here
and there. Just resubscribed to mhonarc-users, too. :)

I've noticed something I consider a bug with <spammode>.  (Great work w/
modifybodyaddresses, btw.  I just wish that --editidx would apply those
changes to past messages.  Or maybe a new function, --editmsgbody..)

I use a custom <MsgPgBegin> section with meta keywords for my search
engines. (search by date, search by from address, etc, without poluting
the searched "body")

Something like this:

<!doctype html public "-//W3C//DTD HTML//EN">
<META name="keywords" content="Date: $DATE$ From: $FROM$">

I notice that the $FROM$ (and just $FROMADDR$) is NOT munged when spammode
is enabled.  I can forgive modifybodyaddresses for not munging this, since
it's in the <head> of the message, but I cannot see any reason why the
exact same $FROM$ variable is munged in one place but not in another.

I'll submit a bug report via savannah unless you folks convince me
otherwise.  (I dont see any open or closed bugs regarding this)

Relevant output, with a few snips:

<!doctype html public "-//W3C//DTD HTML//EN">
<meta name="keywords" content="Date: 17 Apr 2003 17:58:01 -0000 From:
&quot;Que, John&quot; &lt;johnq(_at_)example(_dot_)tld&gt;">
<title>RE: [gb-users] Migration from GBPro to GBFlash</title>


<li><em>From</em>: &quot;Que, John&quot;
<li><em>Date</em>: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 13:54:59 -0400</li>



david raistrick

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