OtherIndexes breaks existing setup

2003-04-16 14:38:06


I had been using a single rcfile to generate date-based and threaded
archive pages and all was well. Then I decided to add an author index
and somehow broke my setup.

I added 
to my main rcfile. author.mrc is a bare-bones file based mostly on the
example in the documentation for the AUTHORBEGIN resource.

Just to be sure, I deleted the .mhonarc.db file and all the generated 
files from the outdir and ran my '' script.

No date indexes are generated and the mail??.html files are now 
author-indexes. I had never used <MAIN> or '-main' earlier but
its presence (or absence) does not make a difference.

The output says:

Writing thrd16.html ...
Writing thrd17.html ...
Writing database ...
Reading resource file: author.mrc ...
Writing author.html ...
Writing mail2.html ...  
Writing mail3.html ...  

where mail2.html etc. are all author indexes.

I can't figure out what I did wrong and would appreciate any pointers.


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