Re: customization &/or integration

2003-04-15 08:54:55
=v= I think a system that *looks* like one of those web bulletin
boards, but is really email underneath, would be most ideal
It allows participants to use something other than the HTML text
box, which I think would be a huge win.

See the blog.mrc resource file example Resource File Examples
appendix of the docs.  I believe I whipped up the example due
to inquiries from a user trying to create an email-based web
log with PHP (possibly postnuke).

=v= I think it generated SSI code, though of course that's not
very different from generating PHP code.

=v= Aside from text-excerpting (and threading, yikes), perhaps
the biggest design change for web bulletin boards is the way
the "headers" look.  The "date" and "subject" are usually just
placed somewhere consistent, and "from" may or may not involve
an avatar image.  I haven't tackled this sort of thing using
the API callbacks (though I admit I took a stab at it with some

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