Re: customization &/or integration

2003-04-14 23:44:08
On April 14, 2003 at 22:43, Josh McCormack wrote:

Yes, that question was vague. Sorry. If there are any message boards 
that can integrate, I'd be interested. phpbb, slash, phpslash, postnuke, 
   etc. Or even if it was just possible to have the messages all visible 
like on Slashdot or the comments in the php documentation.

See the blog.mrc resource file example Resource File Examples
appendix of the docs.  I believe I whipped up the example due
to inquiries from a user trying to create an email-based web log
with PHP (possibly postnuke).

BTW, as part of a contract, I developed a custom script that creates
a discussion page for each thread that includes all messages for
each thread.  Therefore, if doing tricks with resource settings will
not get exactly what you want, some custom programming may.


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