Re: customization &/or integration

2003-04-15 05:51:13

On April 14, 2003 at 20:53, Josh McCormack wrote:

Yes, that question was vague. Sorry. If there are any message boards
that can integrate, I'd be interested. phpbb, slash, phpslash, postnuke,
   etc. Or even if it was just possible to have the messages all visible
like on Slashdot or the comments in the php documentation.


I have gated mailing lists with various nuke forums, including phpBB, but
not with MHonarc in the picture. If you are using Mhonarc to process your
messages and you simply want to "pull in" your archive into, say, a Postnuke
display area, you can always use the PostWrap module to do it. I have an
example of PostWrap pulling in a Pipermail archive. (it could just as easily
be a Mhonarc archive). Go to:

(then click on Mailing List Archive in the upper left menu block)

This is mostly a test system with not much horsepower, so it might be slow.

- Kevin

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