Re: OtherIndexes breaks existing setup

2003-04-16 16:07:04
On April 16, 2003 at 15:38, Harshal Chhaya wrote:

I added 
to my main rcfile. author.mrc is a bare-bones file based mostly on the
example in the documentation for the AUTHORBEGIN resource.

Just to be sure, I deleted the .mhonarc.db file and all the generated 
files from the outdir and ran my '' script.

No date indexes are generated and the mail??.html files are now 
author-indexes. I had never used <MAIN> or '-main' earlier but
its presence (or absence) does not make a difference.

From the OTHERINDEXES resource page of the documentation:

CAUTION  It is very important that each resource file specified
         defines the MAIN or THREAD resource to determine the type of
         index to create.  Also, the IDXFNAME or TIDXFNAME resource
         (and IDXPREFIX or TIDXPREFIX resource if MULTIPG is active)
         must be defined to prevent overwriting of the default
         index pages.

You need to define IDXFNAME and IDXPREFIX in author.mrc to values
that will prevent overwriting the date index pages.


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