Re: OtherIndexes breaks existing setup

2003-04-16 18:23:46
Earl Hood wrote:
CAUTION  It is very important that each resource file specified
       defines the MAIN or THREAD resource to determine the type of
       index to create.  Also, the IDXFNAME or TIDXFNAME resource
       (and IDXPREFIX or TIDXPREFIX resource if MULTIPG is active)
       must be defined to prevent overwriting of the default
       index pages.

D'oh! I read this and realised what it meant (at least the second part)
but didn't check my rcfiles to see if I had done this. RTFM indeed.

BTW, since MAIN is ON by default, not setting it in any of the rcfiles
seemed to work just fine. I have now added it to the command line
just to be safe.

You need to define IDXFNAME and IDXPREFIX in author.mrc to values
that will prevent overwriting the date index pages.

Adding IDXPREFIX to author.mrc did the trick.

Thanks Earl for not responding with 'RTFM you twit!' even though
my question deserved it.


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