MHonArc v2.6.4 released

2003-06-22 15:25:27
  [Note: The system that performs mail archive updates and project
   releases is still experiencing technical difficulties.  Therefore,
   archive updates may be sporadic until the system is upgraded.
   The problems should have no effect on accessing
   web site or the operation of the lists.]

MHonArc v2.6.4 is now available.  This a bug fix release.

* Bug Fixes:

  + Official:

      Bug ID  Summary
      ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
      3478    Quoted-Printable decoding should also work with     
              lowercase hex numbers                               
      ------  ------------------------------------------------------------

  + Unoffical:

      - It appears that the UTF8 mapping table for cp1252,
        MHonArc::UTF8::CP1252, had bad data.  This has been

* Management of character mapping tables have been changed.  The
  various .pm module tables are now auto-generated by ucm, and
  similiar, map files.  For the end-user, the change should be
  transparent.  The change only affects how developers maintain
  the tables, and the change should make it much easier to make
  fixes to any mappings.


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