Re: removing messages from an archive

2003-07-30 16:07:19
On July 30, 2003 at 12:31, Gary Frederick wrote:

We would use it to remove unwanted messages when we build archives with 
different resource files. If we want to remove say 200 messages and have 
the message id's, we can use the element in both resource files to build 
the two different archives.

If there is an easier way, I am all for using it.  ???

I'm still a little confused.  Why not just remove the original messages
before the data is passed into mhonarc?

Now, if you are talking about removing the same set of messages from
existing set of archives, you can put the message-ids (or numbers)
in a text file and invoke mhonarc as follows for each archive:

  mhonarc -outdir /path/to/archive -rmm `cat msgs-to-delete-file`


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