Re: removing messages from an archive

2003-07-31 12:20:42
On July 31, 2003 at 06:54, Gary Frederick wrote:

Now, if you are talking about removing the same set of messages from
existing set of archives, you can put the message-ids (or numbers)
in a text file and invoke mhonarc as follows for each archive:

  mhonarc -outdir /path/to/archive -rmm `cat msgs-to-delete-file`

That will work great on something other than Windows XP. We can do that.

For win32 environments, I recommend using cygwin,
<>, in order to get all the Unix-type tools
and shells.  I've been using it for years anytime I am stuck working
on a win32 system.

I was hoping to find out if it would be easy or hard to put the <rmm> 
element into mhonarc.

What you are really asking for is to pre-exclude a set of message
since RMM operates on messages already in the archive.  It appears
you want to have some message not even added to an archive (like when
doing a rebuild from raw data).

If this is the case, your request of having a <RMM> element is really
just a specific form of the MSGEXCFILTER resource.  I.e.  You can
define MSGEXCFILTER to do the pre-exclusion of messages for you.

With a little scripting, you can have a "global" message-id exclude
file and have a resource file auto-generated from it that defines
MSGEXCFILTER.  This resource file is then included by your regular
resource file.

Note, if you alread use MSGEXCFILTER, you would need to merge the
message-id exclusion part with whatever you currently have.


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