Re: Mhonarc & IMail

2003-08-01 02:34:57
Hello [Manuel Alvarez];

I have not messed around with the MHonArc and
IMail, and do not really Know where to start at.

If you could give me some helpful information
on starting it up, and how to connect onto the
IMail Server ( Or what ever you have to do )
Then that would be extremely helpful.

Basically MHonArc will be working with the Imail mailbox files (*.mbx)
directly. All you have to do is create an Imail user account in your domain
to which you will send the messages you want archived (something like
archiver(_at_)yourdomain(_dot_)com). Using this example, you will find the Imail
mailbox file at:


This 'main.mbx' file is the one that you will point MHonArc to for
processing. We just use a batch file to move main.mbx over to a temp
directory and initiate MHonArc to do it's thing. If you want samples of our
batch files or our resource files I would be happy to provide them.

Take care,

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