Re: Custom format Message headers

2003-08-28 11:58:15
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On August 28, 2003 at 11:06, emj(_at_)chello(_dot_)se wrote:

I I wonder if I can format the message headers in a diffrent way. just a stat
ic part (perhaps in <Fieldsbeg>?), in wich I can reference the headers with $
SUBJECT$, $FROMNAME$ etc.. I want to have a terse layout of the headers.

You need to be more specific on what effect you are trying to achieve.

You may want to look at the following FAQ items:

Sorry if it's in the manual but I am lazy and have already spent 5h on this..
 ;-) I hope you can help me. (BTW the common.mrc WITH the stylesheet really s
hould be the default, it is wonderfull, if you know css), it was easy to do a
 pseudo layout. ;-)

Note, common.mrc comes with mharc, not mhonarc.  As for the defaults,
the simple formatting defaults will be maintained.  MHonArc is quite
old and the default formatting is setup to be usable in a browsers,
including text-based ones.

I'm open to including more example resource files to reflect various
useful layouts.  Example resource files are included in an appendix
section of the docs.


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