Re: Applying spammode to obfuscate archives retroactively??

2003-09-02 23:30:32
On September 2, 2003 at 22:58, "Darren Nickerson" wrote:

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Yes and no.  SPAMMODE can be enabled for all older archives.  The only
limitation is that mail addresses in converted message bodies and headers
will not be obscured since that is static data.  All index pages and
dynamic portions of message pages will be affected (use EDITIDX to have
all pages updated).

So it can be done (at least partially) ... that's great! Forgive me, but
how? Somehow I'm missing the magic incantation I'm going to need to get
those pages updated, and I'm not understanding how to use EDITIDX as you
mention above.

Use the -editidx command-line option.  I.e.  You can set SPAMMODE in
your resource file (or on the command-line), and than invoke mhonarc
with your new resource file and the -editidx option.  This will cause
all pages to get updated.  Example usage:

  mhonarc -rcfile myresources.mrc -editidx /path/to/archive

Note, in later releases of mhonarc, setting SPAMMODE will automatically
set MODIFYBODYADDRESSES.  Therefore, new messages will have address
in message bodies modified.  Your Perl script you write is only needed
for existing messages.


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