Re: How to remove all email addresses from archive?

2003-09-16 11:06:47
On September 16, 2003 at 20:39, SATOH Fumiyasu wrote:

I'm writing a resource file for MHonArc to remove all email addresses
from archive. In most of places, email addresses can be removeable.
But in the message files (msg*.html), it has R13-encoded email
address :-(.

The address is R13ed, but it includes the '@' in the alphabet, which
traditional rot13 does not.  Therefore, address harvesters would not
detect the string unless the harvesters are customized to deal with
mhonarc-based mail archives (which could happen).

How can I remove (or modify) it?

By changing the code.  I am seriously considering adding a resource
to disable the generation of the <!-X-...--> header comments at the
beginning of messages.  Of course, doing so, would prevent the ability
to rebuild the archive database via mha-dbrecover.

For now, you can edit the code and delete the printing of the R13
address.  If you do this, I seriously recommend preserving the original
raw mail data somewhere so you can rebuild archives in case of data
corruption or other serious failures.


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