MHonArc in CGI-based MUA?

2003-09-23 16:46:08

I've just started experimenting with MHonArc, and my immediate thought
was to try to build a CGI-based mail client using this.  The idea is
that the messages would remain in MH folders, but the CGI script would
call mhonarc to generate HTML on-the-fly for each message.  I don't need
a Web-accessible archive, and I don't need to keep the messages stored
in HTML format.

In addition, I'd like to have a browser frame to show the folder list, a
frame to show a message list, an optional frame for a MIME parts list,
etc.  In short, this would look like a "real" mail client, except that
it would all be in a browser window.

So, my questions are:

1) Does anyone already have some tools for this?  I didn't see anything
   in my admittedly brief scan of the documentation.

2) When I convert single messages with:

   mhonarc -single `mhpath cur` > $TEMP/mailmsg.html

   the non-text MIME parts get put in my current working directly, but
   the HTML references them in the $TEMP directory (I'm on Windows XP,
   so it's C:\TEMP).  This means non of the images, etc. show up in
   the messages.  Is this a known issue?

3) The process_input function of the API seems not to be geared for
   processing single messages.  I was not able to get the output to go
   anywhere except stdout, even when calling from a Perl script.  I
   finally had to resort to:

   $html = `mhonarc -single $curmsg`;

   and then write the output to a file myself.  Perhaps I'm
   overlooking something, but I didn't see anything in the
   documentation about how to direct the output to a file from within
   a script.

Sorry for the barrage of questions.  I've been using a variety of mail
readers on my MH mail (show, mutt, Sylpheed-Claws, MH-E), but I
haven't been truly satisfied with any of them, so I'd like to build a
replacement.  MHonArc seems like a very good tool for the message
display portion of this.

Thank you.


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