mailto: URL rewriting (was "No Subject")

2003-09-24 12:48:57
On September 24, 2003 at 12:16, Ivan Montoro wrote:

All "mailto:"; URLs are crypted with Base64, and
recovered by a Javascript
function. For instance:
  <A href="#" onClick="send('dXNlci5jb20=')">send
Calls a JS function that decodes the string, adds a
mailto: and redirects
with document.location (in this case dXNlci5jb20= is

Can I do this with MHonArc. I've see I have the
<MailToURL> Resource, but
don't know if I can call Perl functionality inside a

The MAILTOURL resource does not support Perl expressions,

Another question is the part that goes inside the
HREF, for instance I have
$TOADDRNAME$ and $TOADDRDOMAIN$, so I can do something
"user (at)", but could I randomize that
"(at)" part anyway?


What you need is something analogous to ADDRESSMODIFYCODE for
printing mailto links.  Actually, what is probably needed is a more
generalized version of ADDRESSMODIFYCODE that allows one to customize
the complete rewriting and linking of mail addresses; a combination
of ADDRESSMODIFYCODE and MAILTOURL in a single resource.


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