Re: SPAMMODE and X-Message-ID

2003-09-24 12:52:26
On September 24, 2003 at 13:20, Ivan wrote:

I've just set up a simple spam preventing solution in
my template, but don't know how to remove the
X-Message-ID comment from the resulting HTML page, as
the full email address of the sender appears on it:

IJEEJLPFOJDNOJNMILBHGENHCAAA(_dot_)my(_at_)email(_dot_)com -->

This is *not* the full email address of the sender.  The message-id
uniquely identifies a message.  The format of a message-id is the same
as email addresses, in order to make it easier for mail software to
insure that message-ids are globally unique.

I have found no reason to obscure message-ids.  Plus, they help
serve as noise to address harvesters.


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