[approved] Need some advice

2003-09-24 19:32:56
Hi Guys,

I am a programmer who is currently researching Mhonarc for a project I am 

The project is to find a mail archiving utility with the ability to search for 
mails by text, date, etc.
The people I am volunteering for have a lot mailing lists and they need a way 
to archive and save some of the messages they recieve for future reference.

Here is the current system they have:

Linux (SuSE), Apache, PHP, MySQL, LDAP, etc., 
and their mail service is qmail. They also use qmail-ldap so that their email 
is integrated with their LDAP directory (they have a global directory).

What I need from you guys is information if Monharc can do the job? Does it 
have the capacity
to search for texts as well or is it just a converter? Is there any other 
software I should look at
that can do the job better? What do you think is the best solution for this 
project? I am thinking of 
integrating a mail archiving system with an open source database, but if there 
is an all-in-one system
already, please let me know.

I would be very greateful for your professional responses.


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