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2003-09-24 21:22:33
On Wed, 24 Sep 2003 15:35:56 -0400 
Sieru Efrem <sieru(_at_)hotmail(_dot_)com> wrote:

The project is to find a mail archiving utility with the ability to =
search for mails by text, date, etc.  The people I am volunteering for
have a lot mailing lists and they need a way to archive and save some
of the messages they recieve for future reference.

So you have three problems:

  1) Storage
  2) Indexing
  3) Retrieval

When I recently approached largely the same problem I ended up with:

  1) NetNews (inn2)
  2) We:Search (cf GMane)
  3) NNTP and NNTP-based clients (web, newsreaders, etc, primary web
  interface is currently via a meowww derivative (NNTP CGI)).

So far, when dealing with middle order hundreds of thousands of
messages, this approach has come out way ahead.

Another approach I'm currently evaluating for a slightly different set
of requirements is a combo of Zope, Mailboxer, and ZCatalog.  It looses
the clear deliniation of tasks and functionality, but its a rather slick
system that looks like it might work rather well for smaller needs (few
scores of thousands of messages).

What I need from you guys is information if Monharc can do the job? 

MHonArc translates RFC[2]822 messages into HTML or HTML analogues (I
have it produce PHP file currently).  That's only a part of #1 and #2,
not the whole thing.

Does it have the capacity to search for texts as well or is it just
a converter? 

You can use other search and retrieval tools outside of MHonArc for the
indexing and directed retrieval.

Is there any other software I should look at that can do the job
better? What do you think is the best solution for this project? 

I'd need a far more detailed set of requirements than you've provided.

I am thinking of integrating a mail archiving system with an open
source database, but if there is an all-in-one system already, please
let me know.

You might like to look at MHarc.

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