Re: Not to index but still follow links: other solution than <noindex>?

2003-10-13 12:18:51
On October 13, 2003 at 16:01, Mathieu Peltier wrote:

I would like not to index some part of a document but still follow links. I 
have read in the FAQ that <noindex follow> tag can be used for that:
<noindex follow>
bla bla

The problem is that the html document is then not conformed to html dtd. So I
wonder if there is other solutions to do that? <!--htdig_noindex--> can be 
used to prevent indexing but htdig will not follow links too then. And It 
seems that no <!--htdig_noindex_follow--> tag exist? Something I miss?

Yes, you have the wrong mailing list.  This list is for MHonArc-related
questions.  It appears you want an htdig list.


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