Preserve HTML image src references in HTML messages?

2004-03-08 10:02:28
I'm using mhonarc with the -single switch to be able to view individual mail messages as HTML. That way, I can use a text-only mail reader (e.g., mutt), but still view the occasional HTML message when I want to.

I'm actually piping the message from mutt to a shell script like this:

   cat >
   mhonarc -single -rcfile /cygdrive/c/MHonArc-2.6.8/rcfile.mrc < > tmp.html
   /cygdrive/c/bin/shellex tmp.html

(The last line is the Cygwin command to run the corresponding Windows application.)

mhonarc seems to remove all the image references from the HTML. While this is generally a good safeguard, there are times when I want to see the images in the message. Is there any way to override this on the command line so I can force mhonarc to preserve the image references? Even better, is there a way to keep "whitelist" of domains from which I trust the images?



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