Re: Preventing SPAM

2004-05-13 20:41:59
--- Terry Ally wrote:
Is there a way to permit messages on from a certain email address(s)? I
started testing a list  three days ago (which only one emaill address is to
send messages to) and already it has received two virus-contaminated
attachments from a foreign address.

Can MHonArc be configured to receive email only from certain email adddress?

Yes, but you may be better served to use a pre-processor, like procmail,
to perform such tasks since you can capture rejected messages in case
some messages were improperly rejected.

As for the MHonArc way, have a look at the MSGEXCFILTER resource.  The
reference page for the resource provides some examples that should help
you to get what you want.

On a semi-related note, you may want to look at mharc,
<>, especially if you have multiple archives.


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