Re: Too many msg* files.

2004-06-04 15:14:11
On June 2, 2004 at 10:16, "Lanham Rattan" wrote:

Are the msg* files required to keep?  I am running mhonarc on an NT system
and have > 17,000 files in the folder, NT doesn't like that many files.  I
haven't seen a FAQ on NT setup's so I am looking to the list for ideas of
how to minimize the number of files.

The msg* files are needed if you want to be able to view archived

An approach is to break up your archive into period-based archives.
For example, break up the archive by month.

You can take a look at mharc, <>.
It is Unix-oriented, but it should be usable under Win32, but you
may need to install cygwin, <>.


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