AttachmentDir when relative

2005-01-18 11:31:31
Hi, everyone,

I'm moving to a new server and thought I'd update my MHonArc. There have been some nice changes! For one thing, def-mime.mrc looks like it'll mean a lot fewer error messages.

But I couldn't get a relative AttachmentDir to work out of the box. When I tried that, it got created in the working directory (the one with mhonarc in it) and not out the outdir.

I nosed around a little, and it seems to work now with a couple changes to write_attachment in First, toward the beginning:

    if (!$pathname) {
        $pathname = $OUTDIR;
        $rel_outdir = 1;
    } elsif (not OSis_absolute_path($pathname)) { # new section
        $pathname = $OUTDIR . $DIRSEP . $pathname;
        $rel_outdir = 1;

And then toward the end:

    if ($rel_outdir) {
        $pathname  = $OUTDIR;
        $pathname .= $DIRSEP . $AttachmentDir if ($AttachmentDir);
        $pathname .= $DIRSEP . $path if ($pathname);
        $pathname .= $DIRSEP . $fname;
        $url       = join('/', $OUTDIR, $url)  if $SINGLE;

I don't understand why the latter section is even necessary, haven't $pathname and $url already been calculated? Anyway...

It's a nice idea to have a separate place for attachments. My outdir's getting crowded! Hey, how about subdirectories for the msg files? Maybe based on the PG number of the index that they're listed on?


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