Re: Using courier maildirs

2005-06-07 08:07:22
I'm using a program called maildir2mbox  - I had to rip it out of a qmail
install/source tree and compile it to run under Debian on my iMac, but it
works great.



Good morning.

Recently I've tried converting maildirs created by courier with
mhonarc, failing pathetically. It creates the mailist.html and
threads.html and database files, but nothing else happens.

The MHonArc documentation has this to say on the subject of maildirs:
"MHonArc supports MH mail folders and UUCP/Unix mailbox files, so the
term "mail folder" represents the MH mail folder or mailbox file to
process. To convert a mail folder to an HTML archive, use the following:

prompt> mhonarc path/inbox"

"the following" does not work, and now I am left to wonder whether
courier's mailbox format is supported by mhonarc, and if not, what
can be done to convert such maildirs? I've tried the archives and
Google, both with no success.



Lasar Liepins
lasar(_at_)liepins(_dot_)net   |
"Nur was nicht ist ist möglich" - Einstuerzende Neubauten

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