Re: Wishlist: Please add real email address support with unlock code!

2005-08-04 21:00:24
On August 5, 2005 at 03:24, saf wrote:

when I start mhonarc in spammode it will create me email addresses with 
hidden email addresses.
Could it be possible to put the modified content in a kind of diff file 
per archive?
So I could for example restore the original message with an image unlock 
code, so spammer could
not get the real email address. :-)

This topic has been discussed in the past, with some bringing up
the issue that images would prevent those with disabilities (i.e.
vision impaired) to use it (this may be a legal issue for some
entities, not sure how accessibility affects web sites in general).

Note, uses a POST form to return a mailto link
to facilitate reply capability.  This appears to be sufficient
to defeat address harvesters, but it they wise-up...

Regardless, an idea I had was to create an MD5 hash of the address,
and use that as the key to lookup the original address (via a
CGI program).  For example:


Of course, the hash is stored in some database that maps MD5
hash to real address.

Where is a link to a cgi-bin script which ask for a code written 
on a image to unlock the message to get
the original email adresses. So if the user types for example the right 
code, then the script reads
a kind of diff file to rebuild the original message. In the diff file 
there should be written a line as like:

msg00007.html: l 30 -  Write me a message to <a 
                    +  Write me a message to foo(_at_)bar(_dot_)com

I'm not sure re-rendering the page with the real addresses are

Are you trying to do this for all email addresses that appear in a
message, or just for the "from" address?