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[Namazu-users-en] Re: Searching by the filename

2007-08-03 02:34:22
Sajith VK wrote:
But for Images and videos, filename based search also fails. I think
skip these files. Can I instruct mknmz to index the file name of such

They are media types not supported by standard Namazu. 
The supported media type can be examined by "mknmz -C". 

Please make the filter program corresponding to the media type not 
supported and correspond. 

(I ma using "-a" flag already).

Even if "-a" option is applied, the media type that doesn't correspond
is skipped. (Or, it misidentifies it to the supported media type.)

Similarly I have one pdf file whose content is completely in my local
(named Malayalam). I think namazu skipped this file too.

As for Namazu, only US-ASCII(and EUC-JP) corresponds to Charset. 
This is a specification. 
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