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Re: spammers suck

1998-01-30 15:46:08

Richard Coleman <coleman(_at_)math(_dot_)gatech(_dot_)edu> writes:

-- -- -- -- END OF FREAKAZOID TRANSMITION -- -- -- --

Seriously, Richard, can you please stop these mails!!

Currently, I don't have the means to do this correctly.  I can make
the list so that only subscribers can post, but that makes the list
worthless as a means for people to submit bug reports (no one will
subscribe just to submit a bug report).

I hate these spam bastards as much as anyone, but I'm not sure of a
good way to deal with it.

I can think of lots of ways.  

1. Did the guy use the same email address each time?  If so, just block that 

2. If not, he did use the "Freakazoid" handle each time, right?  Considering
   this same guy has SPAMmed us three times already, and is the only one who
   ever has (to my memory), why not block mail from anyone named
   "Freakazoid"?  If you're really worried about blocking a legitimate nmh
   user named "Freakazoid", you could bounce the mail with a message
   explaining why their post was being rejected.

3. For a more general anti-SPAM solution (this freakazoid guy probably got
   the mailing list address off of the web or Usenet, eh?  thus others may
   start SPAMming us as well):

   a) Accept mail to the list from any account registered as a member.
   b) If anyone mails the list that isn't a registered user, bounce their
      mail with an explanation saying that non-registered users must put a
      special keyword in their Subject lines (nmh?) as a SPAM-blocking
      measure.  In this bounce message, put the keyword in the subject line,
      keep the explanation message short, and include the text of their
      message in the mail.  This way, they can just forward the bounce
      message back to the list and it'll go through.

   I use this scheme to SPAM-filter one of my Usenet-tainted email addresses
   and it works like a charm.  It's made up of a .maildelivery file and a
   couple of shell scripts, which can be found at:


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