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Re: [Nmh-workers] Whither nmh-1.1 [I have to ask this one a year!]

2003-12-19 09:30:06
So all this discussion of unquoting is interesting, but not as interesting
as a release would be.  Seemed like we were on a roll a while ago but it
fizzled out again.  The current CVS seems to be working well enough.  Can
we release it?  It would be nice to have a more recent version out there,
if for no other reason than it would be included in Linux releases and mean
one less thing that has to be installed later.

I have a new 1.1 release candidate ready to go, actually, that a few people
had tested and was all tarred up, and then savannah got broken into.  Our
thinking was that we would wait until Savannah was back up, but that seems
to have taken a while.  They claim they'll be up tomorrow, so I expect
that I'll put the new release candidate up sometime then.


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