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[Nmh-workers] slocal (or something) consumes mail

2005-10-31 12:59:31

I'm tearing my hair over this stupid problem!

On my workstation (RH 9) I use nmh and slocal works just fine.
This is the .forward file
"|/usr/local/nmh1/lib/slocal -user wilson"
The .maildelivery file is large and has given no problems.

On my new Emperorlinux Thinkpad T42 running Fedora Core 4,
I have exactly the same setup.  BUT, both good mail and spam
simply disappear!  If I remove the .forward file, all mail
is delivered to my mailbox (/var/spool/mail/wilson) normally.  

If .forward is present, mail that I know is at the ISP (e.g., I've sent 
to myself) is lost: I do fetchmail, then inc (just as on the workstation), 
but nothing is inc'd.  If the mail is spam, nothing appears in $HOME/.spam

Can anyone help?

Thank you so much!

Stewart Wilson

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