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[Nmh-workers] send is not the only application disregard username in .netrc, msgchk does it too.

2008-05-03 20:50:28
As I posted in previous messages, send did not respect username settings
in .netrc and insists using current user name for logging to SMTP. In
fact, even if you specify username as commandline parameter (send -user
xxx) it is also ignored.

Furthermore I found msgchk also ignore username setting in .netrc for
fetching emails from a pop server. But it does respect -user xxx
setting. I don't know if msgchk is /expected/ to do so, as no where in
msgchk manual says it refer to username in .netrc. The manual says:

        When  using  POP,  you will normally need to type the password
for your
       account on the POP server, in order to retrieve your messages.  
It  is
       possible  to automate this process by creating a ".netrc" file
       ing your login account information for this POP server.

Which I consider not clear enough (is .netrc only exist to provide
password or not?). So if you are to update this, I suggest update both
program and the manual.

Further I consider it necessary to add a setting in mts.conf(5) so user
don't have to specify -sasl for send(1).  This makes sense because
otherwise user with frontend (xmh, exmh) have to create their own
send(1) with the following content:
/usr/local/nmh/bin/send -verbose -watch -sasl $*

In order to let the frontend invoke send with the right parameter. As
far as I see both xmh and exmh does not allow user to specify customized
commandline for send(1).

Best regards

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