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Re: [Nmh-workers] nmh 1.2 failed in doing smtp authentication

2008-05-02 06:45:26
Hi. When can this be solved?

I cannot wait for the new version because I need to send emails, so a
quick hack:

     * Initialize the callback contexts

    user = "gildororonar(_at_)mail-on(_dot_)us";
    if (user == NULL)
        user = getusername();

Solves the problem instantly.

Know this is ugly but at least provided you with the information that
nothing else is wrong, only here, to get the correct username.

I also resetted my password:)

Peter Maydell wrote:
Zhang Weiwu wrote:
After I used the patch, I hit another different problem.

zhangweiwu(_at_)esmeralda:~$ send -sasl -watch -verbose
T -> [AP]
 AUTH LOGIN..                                                               
T -> [AP]
 334 VXNlcm5hbWU6....*9                                                     
T -> [AP]

If you base64 decode this you'll see that the user name that nmh is
sending is "zhangweiwu". So it's not paying attention to the login
specified in the .netrc, only to the password. I just checked in a
fix for a problem which I think matches this one. Can I get you to
try building the head of CVS version of nmh to test this, please?
You can check it out with this command:
 cvs -z3 
 co nmh

Once you've done that you'll need to run:
 date > stamp-h.in

and then you should be able to configure and make as usual.

First one may wonder if I have used wrong password. No, my password is
100% correct! Tested by various means. I can even just give you my
password so you can test (later I will change it back to my normal
password. My .netrc is:

machine mail.vfemail.net login gildororonar(_at_)mail-on(_dot_)us password 

You should note that the username and password are included in the network
transcripts you've been giving. Although they're base64 encoded so it's
not immediately obvious, anybody could trivially base64-decode them. So
you should be as careful about them as you would be with the password

Interesting information: I can no longer receive my emails!

zhangweiwu(_at_)esmeralda:~$ /usr/local/nmh/bin/inc
inc: -ERR authorization failed
zhangweiwu(_at_)esmeralda:~$ /usr/bin/inc
Incorporating new mail into inbox...

232+ 04/29 Zhang Weiwu        test account<<is for you. -- Real
Softservice Hu

I'm not sure what's happening here. The output of 'inc -snoop' for
the working and non-working versions of inc might be informative.

-- PMM

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