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[Nmh-workers] blind list expansion bug

2012-10-14 10:39:40
Valdis wrote:

However, actually digging into lib/aliases.tcl, we find that the line that
does the parsing is actually:

            regexp {([^;:]+)([:;])(.*)} $line match key sep other

I'm glad you posted that.  I'm looking at fixing the bugs
with blind lists not expanding correctly.  Here's the
example of a blind list in mh-alias(5):

    b-people: Blind List: bill, betty;

One of the bugs is that betty doesn't get expanded.  It
turns out that the code doesn't look for that trailing
semicolon, so it tries to expand "betty;".  But it can't
because the grammar doesn't allow sliases can't end in a
colon or semicolon.

My guess is that the semicolon got there from a cut-and-
paste of the description below it.

Anyway, I was all set to allow and ignore semicolons at the
end of aliases in lists.  But that would break the EXMH
alias parser on what would then be valid expressions.

Instead, I can just remove that semicolon from the man page,
and add a note to not do that.

Any other suggestions?  mh-alias really should be replaced,
but that's more than I'm willing to do now.  And given that
we'd have to retain support for it, some fix is necessary.


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