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Re: [Nmh-workers] Clearing `cur' Message.

2012-10-14 11:06:55
Ralph wrote:

Hi David,

There is a folder -noprint, currently undocumented.  All it does now
is allow output of the folder stack while suppressing other output.
Maybe change it to suppress all output?

I don't notice a difference.

    $ folder -noprint .
    inbox+ has 6312 messages  (1-7075); cur=7075; (others).

I think unless -push/-pop/-list is given then printsw++ causes -noprint
to be ignored?

We could remove that when changing -noprint to suppress all output.

Isn't that testing the profile entry that defines the name of the
sequences file?

Ah, yes.

This suggests `cur: 0' is fine, as is `cur: foo' as m_atoi() returns 0
on any non-digit.  Not that I'm suggesting `foo'.

Perhaps have mark work on it as it already partially does.  `mark -seq
cur -delete all'.

That makes sense, and then mark would behave the same on cur
as it does on other sequences.


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