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Re: [Nmh-workers] [PATCH] nmh.man: reorganize the command listing

2012-10-16 08:24:03
lyndon wrote:

On 2012-10-15, at 7:10 PM, Paul Fox wrote:

the alphabetical listing wasn't very user friendly.  this grouping may
make it easier to find related commands.  (mh-chart also contains an
alphabetical list.)

mh-chart should stay as is.  It's a concise list of commands and
their parameters for people that already know what the commands do.

completely agreed.  i offered it up as a reason for nmh.1 not needing
a lexical listing.

[ lyndon has also offered some help/advice on fixing the mess i made
of the man page macros, so don't anyone commit that patch yet.  :-)  ]

 paul fox, pgf(_at_)foxharp(_dot_)boston(_dot_)ma(_dot_)us (arlington, ma, 
where it's 46.0 degrees)

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