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Re: [Nmh-workers] [PATCH] nmh.man: reorganize the command listing

2012-10-15 22:39:13

On 2012-10-15, at 7:10 PM, Paul Fox wrote:

i clearly think it's an improvement, though i'm sure there may
be further suggestions as to the specific hierarchy i suggested.
with enough approval, i can commit (i think i have privs), unless
david or ken wants to do that instead.

I think the categorization is an improvement, although the current groupings 
bug me a little bit.  I need a bit of time to ponder why before I can come up 
with any useful suggestions.

But for starters, we need to get it into proper manpage format ;-)  Paul, if 
you send me the raw file I will do the man macro dance for you.


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